KTB Privacy Policy

  • Krungthai Bank PCL. (“The Bank”) realizes the importance of the retention of your personal data or information and privacy. The bank has established the privacy policy to assure our practice of how the bank uses/keeps personal data on the internet. The bank affirms the obligation to protect the privacy of its customers or any user who has visited or accessed through bank’s websites and/or applications.   
  • The bank may change this privacy policy from time to time as necessary. The amendment changes will appear on websites and applications.


Scope of Privacy policy

  • This policy covers the act of the bank to personal data that has been collected from your access to websites or applications. Personal data is the data that make it possible to determine the identity of the person, such as name, surname, age, gender, nationality, citizen ID, passport number, address, phone number or, e- mail address.
  • This policy applies only to KTB websites and applications and do not apply to the practices of third party websites linked to/from them. Understanding the privacy policy of those third party websites is recommended.


Personal data collecting

  • Users who wish to use certain services conducted via websites or applications would be requested to release personal data as needed. Your personal data will be strictly protected by the privacy policy as specified here to prevent such data from misuses or fraud.

Usage, exchanges, and disclosure of your personal data

  • Only bank employees with authority regard to your requested matter would have an access to your personal data. An exchange of such information with other employees is only if necessary to fulfill your request. 
  • The Bank will keep your personal data confidential and will definitely not disclose them to other person(s) or respective external organizations for a purpose of seeking profit from sale or distribution of your personal data. The Bank may have to disclose your personal data upon request in the following cases:
      • You have request and consented to the Bank in disclosing your personal data or
      • It is a disclosure of personal data to enable your transaction to proceed until accomplishment or
      • A disclosure of data to reputable credit information office such as the Credit Bureau Co., Ltd. Or an allocation of data to the agent reporting of the same nature or
      • A compliance with the court order, Bank of Thailand’s order or an order of the legally authorized person or
      • A disclosure of your personal data in case of necessity for verification, prevention or operation relating to violation of law such as a case of doubt if there may be any fraud, money laundering, national security or a case that may adversely affect safety in other person’s well-being, life and body.
      • The Bank may sign agreements and/or has agreements with third parties in order to develop or maintain banking system and services on behalf of banks. The contractors that act on behalf of the bank must agree to maintain the confidentiality of customers and are also bound to the laws in force. All contractors must follow bank’s standard on privacy policy.

Access to websites and applications

  • The Bank has devoted its effort and time in developing websites and application regularly. The bank may use hardware or software to collect users’ browsing data. The use of collected data is to improve the system in order to better serve target customers. Such information are the date and time of access, type of search, service providers both before and after the use of websites or applications.


Security system

  • the Bank has devoted its effort and time in developing the security system to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.  


Cookies Policy

  • Cookies are small pieces of text sent by Bank’s websites/applications to users’ computer/mobile devices while users are visiting Bank’s websites/application.
  • The bank may examine the behavior of the bank’s customers. As part of the security procedures of the Bank, the Bank may use "cookies" to verify the authenticity of the request. The "cookies" would be determined by the Bank and the functioning of such cookies will end when you log-off from the Bank websites/application. If users use the search program (search engine), which may use cookies to store your data. Users should also study privacy policy of the search engines.