1. What is KTB netbank ?

KTB netbank is the newest innovative consumer banking service from Krung Thai Bank which enables customers to effectively manage their financial transactions through highly secured system with no limits of time and place. That is, you can conduct transactions 24 / 7 anywhere.

2. The advantages of KTB netbank

The advantages of KTB netbank are:

  • Full functions and services both in Web Browser and Mobile Application
  • You can select your own personal menu
  • Bookmark your frequently used transactions.
  • Transfer to other account without adding the account.
  • Video Call with KTB officer (net officer) to make transaction just like making transaction at branch.
  • Existing KTB customer who has NetSavings account can open Fixed no book account via Internet and get special interest rates.
  • Pay Bills by searching company code or company name
  • Transfer money to mobile phone number
  • Higher security with Login notification every time a user Login to KTB netbank system.

3. How to apply for KTB netbank service?

  • Check eligibility
  • You can apply for the service at Branch ATM Website and KTB netbank application

4. KTB netbank eligible requirement:

  • For personal usage only (Inapplicable with joint accounts)
  • Mobile phone numbers must be registered in Thailand and are able to receive SMS
  • A valid Email address

5. You have registered via website or application, but when you logged into the system, you can’t perform any transaction. Why? What should you do?

By registering online (website or application), you have to identify yourself with us again for security concerns. To identify yourself for your full access and authorization, you can select one method in the following;

  • Contact our staff at any KTB branches
  • Register your mobile no. for TOP at any of ours KTB ATM.
  • Contact our net officer via VDO call

6. KTB netbank register and annual Fee

No fee

7. Transaction Fee

transaction fees will be charged as bank announcement

8. What are the services that KTB netbank provides?

KTB netbank provides

  • My Account: view and manage your KTB account eg. Add own account, View statement, Add card, View account info, Block account, etc.
  • Fund Transfer: Transfer fund to own account, others' account, international account and mobile no. Also, manage scheduled transaction.
  • Pay Bills: Pay and record your bills, Top-up KTB e-money and manage you payment transactions.
  • Cheque: Manage cheque, stop cheque, cheque status inquiry
  • Fund: Subscribe, redeem and switch your investment units and view/edit your risk profile
  • Stock: Deposit and withdraw your account, interfaced with KTZMICO
  • Loan: Repay KTB loan, both yours and others', pre-approve loan
  • Other KTB services such as Register KTB SMS alert, Direct Debit, Verify by VISA, Order Banknote and Request credit information
  • Pay/Receive with mobile: Register pay/receive with mobile, the e-wallet service from KTB
  • Talk to net officer: Make transaction via KTB VDO call system by net officer. Receive transaction slip via E-mail
  • SMS login Notification(Free)*
  • Order Banknote: Order international banknote that can be retrieved at our head office and Suvarnabhumi Airport

9. Is there any programme needed to download before access to KTB netbank?

There are two easy ways to access to KTB netbank:

  • Bank’s website http://www.ktb.co.th or https://www.ktbnetbank.com.
  • For iPhone or iPad, you need to download an Application on AppStore and for Android; you can download an Application on Google Play Store by searching the word “KTBnetbank”.

10. Is KTB netbank service compatible with different internet browsers and mobile Application?

  • KTB netbank is designed for multiple web browser compatibility such as Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 22, Google Chrome 28 and Safari 5 or above. The best display screen resolution is 1280*800.
  • Tablets or Smart Phones with iOS 7 or above (Application installation is required)
  • Tablets or Smart Phones with Android 4.0 or above (Application installation is required)

11. Is KTB netbank secure?

KTB netbank is trustable; it does NOT leave user login or bank account information on the device or computer. The securities technologies include: SSL / Data Encryption / Firewall / Auto Logout / Intrusion Detection / Scan Virus / Cookies / Lock Password. Regarding technologies Krung Thai Bank is the first bank in Thailand that provides the 2-Factor Authentication known as “TOP” (Time Out Password) in Internet Banking service. TOP is used to verify the real account / authentic funds account owner in conducting the transactions such as adding 3rd party account for transfer in KTB netbank. Top is a single use password and expires within 5 minutes after sending to your mobile phone. Therefore, bank will send login notification via SMS or Email every time a user access to the service.

12. Is KTB netbank available for 24 hour?

Yes, KTB netbank is available 24 / 7

13. Is KTB netbank available when traveling abroad?

Yes, KTB netbank services is available everywhere just access to internet (100 baht fee per withdrawal cash from ATM abroad that has “Visa” sign). In case you want to add your own account or other account or secondary security information, TOP (Time Out Password) is needed. (Available only registered mobile number in Thailand or open roaming service).

14. How do some transfer fees charge 3 baht?

3 baht fee may occur when you make transaction from KTB account and choose to notify result to mobile phone. However, there is no fee of charge for SMS transaction notification and SMS Alert when you make transaction from netbank account.

15. What should you do when adding own account and there is an error “User not registered TOP”

To add own account in KTB netbank, you have to register for TOP service before adding. You can register TOP at branch or ATM.

16. How to adjust transaction limit?

You can adjust transaction limit to lower than the current one on your own in Setting menu or you can adjust to higher limit at branch.

17. Which channel to contact if you forget User ID, password or ATM PIN?

  • Forgot User ID --> Contact KTB Branch
  • Forgot Password --> Click “forgot password” at login page / Input “Citizen ID, ATM card number and ATM PIN to verify.
  • User ID is locked (input incorrect password more than 3 times) --> Unlock at KTB ATM or bring Citizen Identity Card to any KTB branch. If you forget your password, please ask KTB officer to reset your password.

18. How can we change “Login Password”?

Login to the KTBnetbank website, select “setting” , select “Change Password”

19. Can customer receive TOP (Time Out Password) while living abroad?

Only mobile phone registered in Thailand or registered for roaming service will receive TOP (Time Out Password).

20. Contract channels

  • Contact KTB Call Center 02-111-1111 or (www.contactcenter.ktb.co.th)
  • Twitter --> KTBnetbank
  • Facebook --> KTBnetbank
  • E-mail --> ktb.netbank@ktb.co.th
  • VDO call to Talk to net officer

21. Advantages of The Internet Banking Merger

The Bank has developed KTB netbank by combining the pros of KTB Online and KTB netbank and adding multiple support functions to serve the needs of our customer.

  • Customer can make transaction from both KTB account and KTB netbank account.
  • Customer will receive the higher security as the system will send SMS notify login alert every time a user access to the Internet Banking without any cost.
  • User friendly Interface with Personalized Menu that allows the customer to select the frequently used services and bookmark the frequently used transaction.
  • Customer can access to KTB netbank anywhere anytime via Website and Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

22. If you cannot login to the new KTB netbank

  • If you have input incorrect Password for less than three times, please press "forgot password” to Reset Password, which you have to input Citizen Identity Card number, ATM card number and ATM PIN to verify. For the customer who does not have KTB ATM card, please contact any KTB branches to reset password.
  • If you have input incorrect Password for three times or more and the user ID has been blocked, please contact any KTB branches to unlock and reset new password

23. If you are an existing user on both KTB Online and KTB netbank, which User ID should you use to access the service?

You can use KTB Online User ID and Password to access to the service. System will transfer your personal information such as other accounts or payee list that you have already added in KTB Online and KTB netbank to the new KTB netbank system.

24. If you are an existing user on both KTB Online and KTB netbank, which transaction limit you will have on the new KTB netbank?

You will get the higher limit; for example,

  • If your KTB Online transaction limit is 500,000 Baht and KTB netbank is 1,000,000 Baht, the new transaction limit will be 1,000,000 Baht
  • If your KTB Online transaction limit is 5,000,000 Baht and KTB netbank is 1,000,000 Baht, the new transaction limit will be 5,000,000 Baht

25. You cannot perform any financial transactions. What is the reason and how to solve the problem?

You may have requested only Inquiry service on KTB netbank that is why you cannot make any financial transactions. You can contact any KTB branches to change the Inquiry service to financial service.

26. Which operating systems are compatible with KTB netbank application?

  • iOS 7.0 or above. You can check your iOS version in Setting > General > About > Version
  • Android 4.0 or above. You can check your Android version in Setting > About Phone > Android Version
  • Windows Mobile: KTB netbank is not compatible with Windows Mobile at the moment.

27. What should you do if you cannot login via mobile phone?

  • If you are using KTB netbank Application, please check if the application is up-to-date. Our latest version is 7.x.
  • If you are using KTB Online@ Mobile Application: We are no longer support the application. Please download and install KTB netbank Application at App Store and Google Play Store

28. Do the recorded other accounts and payee list still remain in the new KTB netbank?

The recorded data will still remain in KTB netbank system. The system saves the data from your KTB Online and KTB netbank. If the combination makes the list reach 50 accounts or more (including both other accounts and interbank accounts), the system will show all the accounts although the number is over 50 accounts limit. However, you will not be able to add more account until the recorded account has been removed to less than 50 accounts.